CIEL S.P.A. Costruzioni Impianti Elettromeccanici


Electrical Systems

Installation of light and FM sections, transformation cabins, MV and LV distribution systems, continuous and emergency power supply systems in infrastructures and buildings.

Special Systems

Installation of CCTV systems, data transmission and fire prevention systems in infrastructures and buildings.

Mechanical Systems

Mechanical Systems

Installation of systems for fire prevention, air conditioning and ventilation in tunnels and vapor.

RES Systems

RES Systems

Executive design and construction of ground and roof photovoltaic systems.

Airport Systems

Installation of airport systems with visual aids for airborne navigation.

Building Lighting

Installation of lighting systems in buildings.

Ongoing Projects


C.I.EL. S.p.A. believes that Safety, the Environment and Quality are strategic and competitive factors. The importance given to these three areas is materialized, on one hand, by the constant commitment to searching for new eco-compatible materials and the development of technologies for the recovery and re-use of the products used, and on the other, by the certification of the aspects linked to its business activities, which often anticipate and go beyond respecting the laws in force.