CIEL S.P.A. Costruzioni Impianti Elettromeccanici


Code of Ethics

C.I.EL. has formally received from the parent company Amplia Infrastructures the code of ethics defining the standards of conduct that all staff members must adopt while carrying out their working activities. The principles and rules contained in the document are binding for both internal and external relations with public institutions, business partners and subcontractors.

Download the C.I.EL. code of ethics here 

Any reports of conduct not in compliance with the Code may be addressed to the following channels, even anonymously:

Ethics Office:
  • by e-mail sent to the address
  • by ordinary mail:
    Ethics Office – Via A.Bergamini, 50 – 00159 Roma, Italia
231 Supervisory Board of C.I.EL. S.p.A.:
  • by e-mail sent to the address
  • by ordinary mail:
    Organismo di Vigilanza C.I.EL. S.p.A.
    Via Giulio Vincenzo Bona, 101
    00156 Roma, Italia