CIEL S.P.A. Costruzioni Impianti Elettromeccanici



C.I.EL. S.p.A. Costruzioni Impianti Elettromeccanici, a major company in the domestic business panorama, is a highly specialized player in the sector of electrical and mechanical systems and has been continuously working for about 40 years. Founded in 1980 as a firm manufacturing electrical systems, it expanded its business in the late 1990s to the construction of technological systems. The experience acquired over the years and the know-how accumulated in the specific systems sector have enabled C.I.E.L. S.p.A. to expand and acquire a larger market share in the Public Administration sector and that of private businesses.

In October 2022, the Company was taken over 100% by Amplia InfrastructuresAutostrade per l’Italia Group – which carries out management and coordination activities. The takeover was based on the need of Amplia to acquire specialist systems skills in support of the Group’s investment plan.

The main areas of business of C.I.E.L. S.p.A. regard the installation of electrical systems, special systems, mechanical systems, RES systems, airport systems and building lighting systems.